19 November 2013

Hoax or real, there is something curiously fascinating about UFOs. Researching on the subject might leave you with more questions than answers so the best thing is to see it for yourself. Here are the top places to watch UFOs.

Elk River, Minnesota :- A quaint city located north of Minneapolis, there is nothing much to do here except go fishing and shovel the massive amounts of snow that covers the entire city every winter. However, since the 1920s the town has witnessed very strange thing flying across its skies. Townsfolk have witnessed UFO resembling the most atrocious of shapes including cigars, pendulums, large V's and wings. Another one was disc shaped with multi coloured port lights. The most weirdest of them was shaped like a jellyfish. If you are planning to fly to Minneapolis, make sure to check multiple sites before making your flight ticket booking.
Warminister, England :- The tiny town located near the Stonehenge attracted worldwide attention when residents started hearing strange, eery and unexplained sounds (referred to as 'The Thing' by townspeople). Then the UFO sighting started, lots of it – till date there has been an estimated 5,000 sightings in Warminister, along with a crop circle that appeared in the 80s. The nearest airport is Heathrow which is served by British Airways and Iberia with options for Cheap Air Tickets.
Colares Island, Brazil :- Purported to be the most dangerous  places to spot a UFO, this is probably the only place in the world that had to deal with nefarious visitors. In 1977, a UFO attacked the residents of the island with laser beams.  The attack that left 2 people dead and more than 100 injured was investigated by the Brazilian military, but the truth was never determined.   Though cheap flight tickets to the island is hard to come by, those who are willing to take the journey should book a flight  to Pelotas International Airport.
Gulf Breeze, Florida :- This tiny city garnered lot of attention in 1987 when Ed Walters released a number of photographs of UFOs spotted in the area. Although researchers labeled the images as a hoax, more than  200 UFO enthusiasts have come forward with videos and photographs depicting the exact object that Ed Walters had captured.
Bonnybridge, Scotland :- Bonnybridge has witnessed so many UFO sightings  in the past 20 years that the Scottish government receives at least one UFO sighting report from the area everyday. A small town meeting was organized to discuss the subject and the general consensus was 'alcohol could be a  cause for many of the sightings'. 


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